In Brief...

The Digital Workplace Council is comprised of senior leaders of large global organizations responsible for leveraging a changing landscape of work to improve employee productivity, research and innovation.

This council is for industry leaders in Knowledge Management, IT, Digital Workplace, Enterprise Learning, HR and Corporate Communications.

Members share "the good, the bad and the ugly" around user-centered design approaches to get work done. This includes competencies and staffing requirements along with an independent view of the constantly changing landscape of technologies and mobile and cloud computing.

Membership consists of diverse industries and organizations, and is by invitation only. Group size is limited to 22 firms. Vendors and consultants are not eligible. Contact member chair if interested in learning more.

Upcoming Meeting

Date: May 19-21, 2014

Host: Deloitte's 30 Rockefeller Plaza Office

Location: New York, NY

Agenda Topics:

Previous Meetings

Date: June 2009

Host: General Electric

Location: GE offices, Shelton, CT

Agenda Topics:

  • Are you an "evangelist" for 2.0 or an Honest Broker?
  • How different the E2.0 architecture is for the CIO
  • Who owns E2.0 initiatives in companies?
  • GE's Support Central

Date: September 2009

Host: Qualcomm

Location: San Diego, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • Social Media and The Law
  • E2.0 tools for Customer Support, Call Centers
  • Can Enterprise 2.0 help avoid info glut?
  • Reputation Systems

Date: February 2010

Host: Cisco

Location: San Jose, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • Impact of Collaboration and Web 2.0 on Culture
  • Video-centric collaboration
  • E2.0 technology Drivers of Innovation and Collaboration

Date: June 2010

Host: American Express

Location: New York, NY

Agenda Topics:

  • Enterprise 2.0: The State of an Art by Andy McAfee
  • Process to develop a portal roadmap
  • The connection between inside and outside the firewall

Date: October 2010

Host: 3M

Location: 3M Innovation Center, St. Paul, MN

Agenda Topics:

  • Costs, Benefits and the Dark Side of E2.0
  • Knowledge Network Mapping
  • Virtualizing the World of Innovation

Date: March 2011

Host: Booz & Co.

Location:San Francisco, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • The impact of Web and E2.0 on Openness for the Organization, Charlene Li
  • The Direction of Enterprise Social Networking, David Sacks, Yammer CEO
  • Real life experiences solving biz problems with social software

Date: June 2011

Host: Hallmark

Location: Kansas City, MO

Agenda Topics:

  • Managing a Product Pipeline usng digital platforms
  • "Retail Connect" - 2.0 for customers
  • Partnering with Public Affairs, Corp Communication, IT, Creative Division

Date: October 2011

Host: Aerospace Corporation

Location: San Diego, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • E2.0 in the Air Force
  • Aerospace STARS Lab
  • Strategy for tablet computing
  • Collaboration Environment Research and Planning

Date: February 2012

Host: Qualcomm

Location: San Diego, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • Mobile Education
  • Challenges to Adoption
  • Building a Coalition of Internal Support

Date: June 2012

Host: MIT


Agenda Topics:

  • Media Lab and social business futures
  • Enterprise Search - is it worth the investment?
  • Yammer vs Newsgator

Date: October 2012

Host: Apple

Location: Cupertino, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • Apple's Journey into the Enterprise
  • Culture of Collaboration vs Need to Know
  • Executive Perspectives

Date: February 2013

Host: Wells Fargo

Location: Charlotte, NC

Agenda Topics:

  • Governance models that work
  • Challenges of working across functions
  • Organizational designs to support digital work - what's working and what's not

Date: June 2013

Location: IBM Watson Research Center

Agenda Topics:

  • Social Learning
  • Cognitive Computing
  • BIG DATA and Analytics

Date: September 2013

Host: FBI Headquarters

Location: Washington, DC

Agenda Topics:

  • Impact of Security and Privacy on Collaboration for Business Growth
  • Human Behaviors and Managing Risk
  • The Realities of the Digital Workplace

Date: January 2014

Host: Qualcomm

Location: San Diego, CA

Agenda Topics:

  • Mobility Trends
  • Adoption, metrics and ROI
  • Performance enablement through Mobility

Digital Workplace Council is part of

The Learning Forum (TLF) Executive Council Network is a member-driven research and networking organization for F500 firms. Brian Hackett, Founder.

With the first council formed in 1996 and later a network of councils launching in 2000, TLF has given senior executives unique and confidential peer learning connections through a high trust network.

The councils go beyond "best practice" thinking to solve the most challenging business issues.

Meetings are private and membership is by invitation only.